Imagine if your worst fears came true ... Again.

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At seventeen, Jodie Cramer survived a terrifying assault at the hands of three strangers. Her schoolmate Angie was not so lucky…

Now thirty-five, Jodie is a teacher and mother of two – and her past is a horror she’s buried deep. When she sets out for a weekend in the country with three friends, all she has in mind is a few laughs and a break from routine.

However, unknown to the four women, their secluded cabin was once the focus of a police investigation and, like Jodie, it nurtures a dark secret. 

As her friends relax, the isolation reawakens Jodie’s terrifying memories. 

When she finds evidence of trespassers, she is convinced they are being watched. But no one will believe her and as her past threatens to overwhelm her, she begins to doubt herself – and her sanity.

Until two men knock at their door …

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* Winner of 2012 Davitt Award for Best Debut Novel
* Winner of 2012 Davitt Award for Readers' Choice
* Highest selling debut novel of 2011


‘Beyond Fear is so deliciously scary, it’s hard to believe this psychological thriller is a debut novel.’
Sisters in Crime 

‘Although this is her first novel, Jaye Ford’s control of pace and mood is highly accomplished. She ekes out the drama in realistic doses, building tension and atmosphere while introducing an element of doubt …’
– The Sunday Telegraph